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Bucharest, Romania - Palace of Parliament

27 - 30 May, 2019



The AEROdays event organized in Romania under the TandemAEROdays19.20 concept will complement the plenary and technical sessions with a broad exhibition welcoming a comprehensive range of representatives from the aerospace academic, research and industrial community. Its goal is to showcase the specific expertise of various actors, from leading industrial companies, innovative start-ups and resourceful small and medium-sized enterprises to students focused on aeronautical engineering and researchers involved in projects that will shape the future of aviation and space exploration.



The enlargement of the European Union has brought together a diverse constellation of knowledge, experience and skills that represent the building blocks in the effort to secure the coherent and consistent development of the European aerospace leadership. The Bucharest AEROdays exhibition will provide the stage for all the relevant players to display and share their capabilities in order to achieve a common and sustainable progress in a highly competitive international environment.



Complementary to the event organized in Romania in 2019, the one hosted by Germany in 2020 will be accompanied by prominent aeronautic events like the Berlin Aviation Summit and the ILA Berlin Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace, underlining Germany’s leadership in the aerospace industry. Focusing on innovation and on the perspectives for Europe’s aviation, Berlin AEROdays 2020 will secure relevant high-level political and strategic input and bridge a connection with the Future Lab Forum, featuring advanced research results and transformative industry insights.